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You will find Information here from all sources available to Section Six.
 Section Six does not contend that this Intel is KNOW fact, but information that is available.
If you have any information to add about the former cast of La Femme Nikita, please contact the webmaster.


New Pictures of Peta!
Petanw.jpg (37615 bytes)
July 22, 02


 Peta in Prague...
   Here is a link to an on line article about Peta working on her new movie. There are a few pictures there under the Fotogalarie section.



Roy in movie 
"Jack Paradise"
July 17, 02

Roy will be starring in a new movie, English title of "Jack Paradise". He will play as a jazz pianist (the real life Bob Langlois) in the 1930's.  It most likely will be filmed in English as it portrays the character's entry into the international Black jazz community.

      Peta to star in movie with 
Sean Connery
June 30, 02

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Peta Wilson, who starred in TV's "La Femme Nikita," has signed as the female lead in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" opposite Sean Connery.

The Australian-born actress will portray Dracula's former paramour, Mina Harker, in the 20th Century Fox project.

She replaces Italian beauty Monica Bellucci ("Malena"), who'd signed on for the role. Bellucci's current project, the Bruce Willis starrer "Man of War," has overrun its wrap date by a month, and insiders say "League's" July 2 start date would not have allowed Bellucci -- for whom English is a third language -- enough time to prep for the role.

"League" is set to begin shooting July 2 in the Czech Republic, Malta and the U.K. under the helm of Stephen Norrington.

Based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, "League" revolves around explorer Allan Quatermain (Connery), who's empowered by the queen of England to head a crime-fighting ensemble that includes such literary personages as Dr. Jekyll, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man and Tom Sawyer

Link to more information on this movie



Roy filming Part Duex 
"The Last Chapter"
June 14, 02

 Roy is currently filming the second part of this series and actor Don Francks has a part in this series also.

"The Last Chapter"

"The Last Chapter aired on March 3rd, March 10th, and March 17th. The Mini~Series is about a motorcycle gang  that dominated Canada at one time. For more information on the series go to:


Peta's New Movie

 "Joe and Max" will premiere on March 9th 2002. 8PM ET/PT on the Starz network.   Peta will play the part of Anny Ondra.

Joe And Max
Genre: Biography, Drama, Black, Historical, Political, Sports
The friendship of Heavyweight Boxing Champions Joe Louis and Max Schmeling comes to life in this inspiring tale.



RyNuvo cov A01.jpg (56542 bytes)
Roy on Nuvo 
Sept.24, 01

Thanks to a very good Operative on Section Six's list, I was informed today of Roy being on the cover of the magazine "Nuvo."  There is a wonderful article inside along with a great picture of Roy in his element. Check the New Material for this week.


USA Network
pulls series 
Sept. 15, 01

Due to the attack that the United States suffered on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 , Usa Network is removing the series from the late night slot for the rest of the month. Here is the letter they posted:
        Dear Nikita fans: Due to the horrifying terrorist attack on America on Sept. 11, USA has elected to pull all episodes of La Femme Nikita from the schedule for the remainder of the month. USA joins the country and the world in expressing our condolences to everyone dealing with the loss of a loved one as a result of these events, and our gratitude to the heroes involved in the ongoing rescue and recovery effort.


Roy's Fans
on Quebec Radio
Sept.05, 01

   The Fan Club "The Royettes was contacted by Manon Bouvier-Nerbonne to do an interview about their fan club devoted to Roy Dupuis. The Radio show is the La Grande Traversée. This
 is a French radio show aired on SRC - Radio-Canada, the CBC, French radio. People can hear the show through out Canada on Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. and the host of the show is Danièle Grenier. 
   A Royette named Hope was selected and the interview was to be today.


LFN ReRuns
Aug. 20,01

No More Sundays for LFN!!!!
That's right. USA Network is cutting back on the LFN ReRuns.  LFN will no longer be aired on late night Sunday.   LFN's 4 other airings during the week will continue at least through the end of the year. There will be no time change either for LFN because they claim that the ratings are not there.


Translated Article
Aug. 20, 01

 I have done some editing on this so you can get the main information. The Link below is where you can find the article in French.

   The classic Quebec book "Un homme et son péché" (A man and his sin) will be adaptated for the big screen once again this time by Charles Binamé (Eldorado, Le Coeur au poing, Blanche, Marguerite Volant). Shooting will start on Sept. 10th.
  Pierre Lebeau will play Séraphin Poudrier, the famous miser. Karine Vanasse (Emporte-moi) will play Donalda, Roy Dupuis, Alexis. Benoit Brière (Jambe de Bois), Normand Chouinard (priest
Labelle), Rémy Girard (Père Laloge) and Robert Brouillette (Bidou).
    Exteriors will be shot in Mandeville, north of Saint-Gabriel de Brandon. Shooting will last 40 days.
The book written by Claude-Henri Grignon was already adapted twice on screen by Paul Gury : Un homme et son péché (1948 ) and its sequel Séraphin (1950



Group List News


Roy will be in a movie called "Séraphin." It is based on a tv series that aired in Quebec. The story took place in the 1800's. Also starring is Rémi Girard, Benoît Brière


Celine Bonnier has been added to the cast of "The Last Chapter." Many of you know that Roy Dupuis is starring in a mini series that will be ready by winter of 2002. Here is the url to go to if you want to see the article that CBC posted.


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